It is a well known fact that everyone loves screenshots, even for free software the human instinct tells us to evaluate whether the visual quality of the game is worth the investment of five minutes to install it, and maybe ten minutes to test it out. Well I won't force you to do anything ill informed and cause you to waste some of your time installing a game because you were unable to evaluate it beforehand.

So therefore I will oblige you and produce nice some screenshots. Because if I wanted to waste your time, I would have created a long discription of why I included screenshots which no doubt some people will read in their bored depravity but eventually rue the day when I wasted 30 seconds of their life.

The following are from late 0.0.1

This is the main menu system

This is the gameplay area showing one of each type of ball, which interestingly happens at no point throughout the standard level set.....

This is the end of level scoring screen

This is a typical shot of standard gameplay with some of the level cut out

Ok, that's enough, I might release a few, maybe with the next version when sean hopefully produces some sweet eye candy back